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Three Entries from The Book of Disquiet

Fernando Pessoa | translation by Margaret Jull Costa 166 [3/22/1929] In the bay, between the woods and the meadows, there rose out of the uncertainty of the blank abyss the inconstancy of flaming desire.There was no need to choose between the wheat and the myrtles, and the distance continued to recede among the cypresses. The magical power of words, whether isolated or brought together to form a musical chord, full of intimate resonances and meanings that diverge even as they converge, the pomp of sentences placed in between the meanings of other sentences, malicious vestiges, hopeful woods, and nothing but the peaceful pools in the childhood gardens of my subterfuges… Thus, between the high walls of absurd audacity, among the lines of trees and the startled shivers of things withering, someone other than me would hear from sad lips the confession denied to the more insistent. Not even if the knights were to ride back down the road visible from atop the castle wall would there be more peace in the Castle of the Last …

Native Poets Torchlight Series: Janice Gould

This series is created with the intention of celebrating contemporary Native American poets and extending their reach to an ever-widening circle of readers. Produced quarterly, this torchlight series will pass the fire among emerging and established poets, to share in conversation and to illuminate the diversity of styles and voices among Native poets writing today.