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Karen An-hwei Lee: “The Literal Heart – Kim-An Lieberman’s In Orbit”

In Orbit Kim-An Lieberman Blue Begonia Press 2014 — Yes, this is a brave and luminous volume about living with – then dying – from cancer.  In Orbit does not, however, follow an orthodox trajectory – the poems resist the labels of cancer patient or invalid.  With raw beauty, In Orbit breathes more life than illness into its lines:  We read poems titled, “Chemotherapy Teaching Sheet” (51), “Oncology Primer” (44), and “Cardiac Scan with Backlit Ceiling Mural” (49), yet encounter Seattle blossoming “in a thousand different languages, flowering” (29). The Immigrant Gardens On the slopes of First Hill, on the banks of the freeway, at the corner of Maynard and Main, the immigrant gardens are blooming. Daikon and bitter melon, shiso and snow pea, bamboo shoots rising through layers of clay. In the static buzz of the cicada streetlamps, under the tarp of the storm-furrowed sky, bok choy bursts yellow, peppers clatter down the vine. . . . Trace the city’s glass ridges from your split-board bench, watch the cars on I-5 burn a river …

Floyd Skloot: “Signac at Castellane, 1902”

Oregon’s Floyd Skloot is the subject of this month’s feature exclusive to Poetry Northwest Online as a part of our recurring series on Northwest poets. The series began with the June 2006 feature on Kevin Craft. Skloot, a native of New York, has been living in Oregon for the past twenty-two years. His poetry has appeared in magazines such as The Atlantic Monthly, Harper’s, and Poetry. We’re delighted to feature two of his poems: “Signac at Castellane, 1902” and “Recurrence.”