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David Biespiel: “To Plumly from Lummi Island”

Stanley Plumly has been a mentor and friend of mine since 1988 when I took his Form and Theory class at the University of Maryland. Lummi Island is the most northeasterly of the San Juan archipelago. Located near Bellingham, Washington, it is served by a small ferry that makes the six minute crossing about once an hour. It is just two hours from Seattle, and one and a half hours from Vancouver, BC. The Lummi Nation are a tribe of the Coast Salish. The tribe primarily resides on and around the Lummi Indian Reservation. The Lummi were forcibly moved to reservation lands after the signing of the Point Elliott Treaty in 1855.

Linda Bierds: “Fragments from Venice: Albrecht Durer”

For September we’re doing two things by featuring poet Linda Bierds: continuing our series on Northwest poets and giving you a glimpse of the Fall-Winter 2008-09 v3.n2 issue, our sixth. Of “Fragments from Venice: Albrecht Durer” Bierds writes, “lately, I’ve been drawn to poems structured by the interaction of two voices, particularly to poems in which the voices are out of sync, the responses only obliquely related to the calls. I love the friction that misalliance creates, its puzzles and ultimate responsibilities.”