150 Books for 150 Years of Statehood

In celebration of Oregon’s sesquicentennial anniversary, Poetry Northwest and the Oregon State Library are announcing your nominated list of 150 outstanding Oregon poetry books — one for each year of statehood. The Oregon Poetry 150 books range in style and subject matter, and include poets both well-known and newly emerging — and this grass-roots list has been entirely created by poetry readers from throughout the state.



Publishing Information

*Multiple Authors

Fierce Brightness: 25 Years of Women’s Poetry

Calyx Press, 2000

*Multiple Authors

Raising Our Voices: An Anthology of Oregon Poets Against the War

Habit of Rainy Nights Press, 2003

*Multiple Authors

From Here We Speak: An Anthology of Oregon Poetry

Oregon State University Press, 1994

*Multiple Authors

Deer Drink the Moon: Poems of Oregon

Ooligan Press, 2007

Alexie, Sherman

The Summer of Black Widows

Hanging Loose Press, 1996

Ande, Jan Lee


Texas Review Press, 2003

Andrews, Ginger

Hurricane Sisters

Story Line Press, 2004

Averill, Diane

For All That Remains

Fir Tree Press, 2008

Averill, Diane

Beautiful Obstacles

Blue Light Press of Iowa, 1999

Bailey, Jane

The Fine Art of Postponement

National Federation of State Poetry Societies Press, 2002

Bakken, Dick

Dick Bakken: Greatest Hits

Pudding House Publications, 2005

Barnard, Mary

Collected Poems

Breitenbush Publications, 1979

Barrington, Judith

Horses and the Human Soul

Story Line Press, 2004

Barrington, Judith

History and Geography

The Eighth Mountain Press 1989

Biespiel, David

Wild Civility

University of Washington Press, 2003

Biespiel, David

The Book of Men and Women

University of Washington Press, 2009

Braucher, Karen

Sending Messages Over Inconceivable Distances

The Bacchae Press, 2000

Bremer, Tom

Just Once

Lynx House Press, 2001

Broumas, Olga

Beginning With O

Yale University Press, 1977

Carlile, Henry


Carnegie Mellon University Press, 1994

Carlile, Henry

Running Lights

Dragon Gate, 1981

Carver, Raymond

All Of Us: Collected Poems

Knopf, 2000

Chin, Marilyn

Rhapsody in Plain Yellow

W.W. Norton & Co., 2002

Costanzo, Gerald

Nobody Lives on Arther Godfrey Boulevard

BOA Editions, 1992

Crawford, Tom


Cedar House Books, 1993

Crawford, Tom

If It Weren’t for Trees

Lynx House Press, 1987

Curran, Michael Patrick

Songs from the Evening Land

Vespertine Independent Press, 2001

Currin, Jen


Coach House Books, 2008

Curtis, Walt

Rhymes for Alice Bluelight

Eastern Washington University Press, 1984

Daniel, John

Common Ground

Confluence Press, 1988

Dankleff, Richard


OSU Press, 1984

DeFrees, Madeline

Blue Dusk

Copper Canyon, 2001

DeFrees, Madeline

Spectral Waves

Copper Canyon, 2006

Derry, Alice

Stages of Twilight

Breitenbush, 1986

Derry, Alice

Strangers to Their Courage

Louisiana University Press, 2001

Dickman, Matthew

All-American Poem

American Poetry Review, 2008

Dickman, Michael

The End of the West

Copper Canyon, 2009

Doubiago, Sharon

Hard Country

West End Press, 1982

Drake, Barbara

Bees in Wet Weather

Canoe Press, 1992

Drake, Barbara

What We Say to Strangers

Breitenbush Books, 1986

Edmo, Ed

These Few Words of Mine

Blue Cloud Quarterly Press, 1985

Euwer, Anthony

Rhymes of Our Valley

James P Bond New York, 1916

Favilla, Candice


University of Georgia Press, 1992

Favilla, Candice

Things That Ease Despair

Custom Words, 2005

Fleming, Geranna

Starting With Coquille: Poems

Prescott Street Press, 1978

Fleming, James

You Wouldn’t Know Us

Press-22, 1975

Gale, Vi


Swallow Press, 1974

Gale, Vi

Odd Flowers and Short-Eared Owls

Prescott Street Press, 1984

Glazer, Jane

Some Trick of Light

Adrienne Lee Press, 1993

Glazer, Michele

Aggregate of Disturbances

University of Iowa Press, 2004

Glazer, Michele

It Is Hard to Look at What We Came to Think We’d Come to See

University of Pittsburg Press, 1999

Goodrich, Charles

Insects of South Corvallis

Cloudbank Books, 2003

Grabill, James

An Indigo Scent After the Rain

Lynx House Press, 2003

Grabill, James

Poem Rising Out of the Earth

Lynx House Press, 1994

Gray, Kate

Another Sunset We Survive

Cedar House Books, 2007

Haislip, John

Seal Rock

Barnwood Press, 1986

Hall, Hazel

The Collected Poems of Hazel Hall

Oregon State University Press, 2000

Halme, Kathleen

Drift & Pulse

Carnege-Mellon University Press, 2007

Hanson, Kenneth

The Uncorrected World

Wesleyan Univ. Press, 1973

Hanson, Kenneth

The Distance Anywhere

Univ. of Washington Press, 1967

Harp, Jerry

Urban Flowers, Concrete Plains

Salt Publishing, 2006

Henderson, Donna

The Eddy Fence

Airlie Press, 2009

Holmberg, Karen

The Perseids

University of North Texas Press, 2001

Hongo, Garrett

The River of Heaven

Knopf, 1988

Howell, Christopher

Light’s Ladder

Univ. of Washington, 2004

Hughes, Henry

Men Holding Eggs

Mammoth Books, 2004

Hummer, TR

Walt Whitman in Hell

Louisiana University Press, 1996

Inada, Lawson

Legends From Camp

Coffee House Press, 1983

Kaplan, Dan

Bill’s Formal Complaint

The National Poetry Review Press, 2008

Killean, Ger

Signs Following

Parlor Press, 2005

Koglin, Oz Hopkins

Gardens for Everyone

Self-Published, 2008

Kwang, Casey


Pinball Publishing, 2002

Kwang, Casey

On Blue Felix Paper

Wellstone Press, 1999

Lamb, Jessica

Last Apples of Late Empires

Airlie Press, 2009

Lark, Gary

Men at the Gates

Finishing Line Press, 2007

Laux, Dorianne

Facts About the Moon

W.W. Norton, 2007

Le Guin, Ursula K.

Going Out with Peacocks

Harper Collins, 1994

Marx, Doug



McBridge, Dennis

Killing the Mockingbird

Quiet Lion Press, 2000

McGriff, Michael

Dismantling the Hills

University of Pittsburgh Press, 2008

McPherson, Sandra

The Year of Our Birth

Ecco Press, 1978

Miranda, Gary

Listeners in the Breathing Place

Princeton Contemporary Poets Series, 1978

Memmott, David

The Larger Earth

Permeable Press, 1996

Merchant, Paul

Some Business of Affinity

Five Seasons Press, 2006

Millar, Joseph


Eastern Washington University Press, 2001

Millar, Joseph


Eastern Washington University Press, 2007

Montgomery, Judith


Defined Providence Press, 1999

Montoya, Andrés

The Iceworker Sings

Bilingual Press, 1999

Nettlebeck, F.A.

Bug Death

Alcatraz Editions, 1979

Norlen, Sherron

Entomologist’s Dreambook

Protean Press, 1998

Orr, Verlena

Break in the Cloud Cover

Howlett Press, 2005

Pavlich, Walter

Theories of Birds and Water

Owl Creek Press, 1990

Petersen, Paulann

Bride of Narrow Escape

Cloudbank Books, 2006

Petersen, Paulann


Mountains & Rivers Press, 2008

Prelutsky, Jack

The Frogs Wore Red Suspenders

HarperCollins, 2005

Rafael, Dan

Molecular Jam

Jazz Police Books, 1996

Ramsey, Jarold

Love in an Earthquake

University of Washington Press, 1973

Reyes, Carlos

Suitcase Full of Crows

Bluestem Press, 1995

Reyes, Carlos

At the Edge of the Western Wave

Lost Horse Press, 2004

Root, Judith

Weaving the Sheets

Carnegie Mellon University Press, 1988

Runciman, Lex

The Admirations

Lynx House Press, 2006

Runciman, Lex

Out of Town

Cloudbank Books, 2004

Rutsala, Vern

Selected Poems

Story Line Press, 1991

Rutsala, Vern

The Moment’s Equation

Ashland Poetry Press, 2004

Salisbury, Ralph

War in the Genes

Cherry Grove, 2006

Scambly Schott, Penelope

A Is for Anne: Mistress Hutchinson Disturbs the Commonwealth

Turning Point, 2007

Scates, Maxine

Toluca Street

Pittsburgh, 1989

Scates, Maxine

Black Loam

WordTech Communications, 2005

Sears, Peter

Tour: New and Collected Poems

Breitenbush Books, 1987

Sears, Peter

The Brink

Gibbs Smith, 2000

Selker, Michael

Crazies’ Bus Stop

Pudding House Publications, 2007

Shaw, BT

This Dirty Little Heart

Eastern Washington University Press, 2008

Shugrue, Jim

Small Things Screaming

26 Books, 1995

Siegel, Scot

Some Weather

Plain View Press, 2008

Siverly, Bill

The Turn

Windfall Press, 2000

Skach-Mills, David

The Tao of Now

KenArnoldBooks, 2008

Skloot, Floyd

The Evening Light

Story Line Press, 2001

Skloot, Floyd

Approximately Paradise

Tupelo Press, 2005

Smario, Tom

Notes of a Cornerman

Peninhand Press, 2000

Snyder, Gary

Dangers on Peaks

Shoemaker Hoard, 2004

Spring, Michael


Pygmy Forest Press, 2005

St. John, Primus


Carnegie Publishing, 1990

St. John, Primus


Copper Canyon Press, 1999

Stafford, Kim

A Thousand Friends of Rain: New & Selected Poems

Carnegie-Mellon University Press, 1999

Stafford, William

Traveling Through the Dark

Harper & Row, 1962

Starck, Clemens

China Basin

Story Line Press, 2001

Starck, Clemens

Journeyman’s Wages

Story Line Press, 1995

Stark, Clemens

Studying Russian on Company Time

Silverfish Review Press, 1995

Steinman, Lisa

All That Comes to Light

Arrowood Books, 1989

Steinman, Lisa

Carslaw’s Sequences

University of Tampa Press, 2003

Stone, Sandra

Cocktails with Brueghel at the Museum Café

Cleveland State University Poetry Center, 1997

Szybist, Mary


Alice James Books, 2003

Talney, Ron

The Anxious Ground

Press-22, 1974

Turner, Brian

Here, Bullet

Alice James Books, 2005

Venn, George

West of Paradise

Ice River Press, 1999

Waterston, Ellen

Between Desert Seasons

Wordcraft of Oregon, 2008

Wendt, Ingrid

Singing the Mozart Requiem

Far Corner Books, 1987

Willey, Dale H.

The Tin Box Papers and Other Poems

Oregon Sunrise Press, 2001

Williams, Crystal


Michigan State University Press, 2000

Williams, Crystal


Michigan State University Press, 2002

Williams, Sandra


Trask House, 1995

Winch, Carolyn

High Desert Haiku

Stumptown Printers, 2003

Winter, Laura

Coming Here to Be Alone

Mountains and Rivers Press, 2008

Witte, John

The Hurtling

Orchises Press, 2005

Witte, John

Second Nature

University of Washington Press, 2008

Wood, C.E.S.

Collected Poems of Charles Erskine Wood, ed. Sara Bard Field

Vanguard Press, 1949

Woody, Elizabeth

Seven Hands, Seven Hearts

The Eighth Mountain Press, 1994

Woody, Elizabeth

Hand In Stone

Contact II Publications, 1988

Yurdana, Matt

Public Gestures

University of Tampa Press, 2005