Abandoned, expropriated building.
RainraWild grasses over 

the dead dog. The araguaney 
Rainradropping blazing 

yellow flowers. When asked 
Rainrawhat I remember: 

the movie theater at the lake mall
Rainrateens would hide inside

to kiss in freezing secret. 
RainraRoadside cachapas,

salty cheese, a netted 
Rainramelon bowl. A truck

tipped. Gasoline.
RainraBoiling roses

for the new year. Taking 
Rainrathe trash out,

running inside. Malibu taxis
Rainradragging bumpers

to view lightning
Rainralightening the Catatumbo.

Washing my skin
Rainrain the powerless dark.

Those songs we played
Rainra—denting pots, 

bending spoons—we will not
Rainraplay again.

Francisco Márquez is a poet from Maracaibo, Venezuela, born in Miami, Florida. A graduate of the MFA program at NYU, his work appears in the Brooklyn RailThe Yale Review, and the Best American Poetry anthology, among other publications. He has received support from Tin House, The Poetry Project, and The Fine Arts Work Center in Provincetown. He is Assistant Web Editor at Poets & Writers and lives in Brooklyn, New York.