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The Subvocal Zoo: Daniel Khalastchi and Justin Boening in the Landscape of Poetry

In this episode, editor emeritus Justin Boening talks with Daniel Khalastchi.

D. A. Powell: “Tarnished Angel”

This month, we bring you a poem (published in Poetry Northwest Fall-Winter 2009-10 v4.n2) that figures a complex struggle and longing. Musing on its origins, D. A. Powell writes that “Etel Adnan’s Master of the Eclipse includes a beautiful recounting of her friendship with the Iraqi poet Buland al-Haidari, who, being of Kurdish descent, had to leave Baghdad to escape persecution under the Hussein regime. ‘The earth holds nothing new for this outcast,’ he wrote from Lebanon, where he spent much of his exile. Adnan describes an evening with al-Haidari, a conversation she calls ‘The Night of the Angels.’ Describing himself as a fallen angel, al-Haidari says ‘…Only angels are real. But angels don’t last. They reproduce themselves by looking into a mirror and then they die; the reflection they see is a newly born angel…They are supreme go-betweens, like poets.’ Adnan’s recounting of al-Haidari’s spontaneous sermon on angels was one of the sources of inspiration for this poem. Also, Milton, whose ‘sonorous metal blowing martial sounds’ I was trying to echo in the prosody. …