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A podcast from the editors of Poetry Northwest featuring in-depth, conversational interviews with writers.

Alan Chong Lau: “where the lights are low”

doom’s business / falls in a rag pile / lined with bones

The Subvocal Zoo: Alan Chong Lau and J. W. Marshall – Painting Beyond the Canvas

In this episode, J.W. Marshall talks with Alan Chong Lau at the Jack Straw Cultural Center in Seattle.

The Subvocal Zoo: Daniel Khalastchi and Justin Boening in the Landscape of Poetry

In this episode, editor emeritus Justin Boening talks with Daniel Khalastchi.

The Subvocal Zoo: Cody Walker – The Plenitude of the Moment

This episode features Cody Walker and Executive Editor Kevin Craft in conversation, recorded in Los Angeles during the 2016 AWP Conference.

The Subvocal Zoo: Adrienne Raphel & Margaret Ross – Shapes That Happen

Poetry Northwest‘s podcast series, The Subvocal Zoo, features editors and friends of the magazine interviewing poets. Each episode features lively conversation between writers in a different location.

The Subvocal Zoo: Keith Leonard – Growing Ode

Featuring Keith Leonard interviewed by Poetry Northwest editor Kevin Craft.

Kai Carlson-Wee reads “Westbound Train”

Horses asleep on the cusp of a minor hill, / quietly bending their heads to the grass. / I could be one of them, lit by the billboard signs,