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Conversations between writers about their art and craft.

Interview // “Dance Anthem for Freedom and Play”: A Conversation with Elizabeth Hoover 

“o, yes, there are gaps in all archives, both private and public. The question is what is our responsibility toward those gaps? Sometimes we have an impulse to “fill them in,” but that can perform a double erasure—erasing the erasure, hiding the violence. So can those gaps become sites for the imagination, sites of possibility and play?”—Elizabeth Hoover

Interview // “Generosity in Vulnerability”: A Conversation with Danika Stegeman

“Collage has always made sense to me as an approach to composition. Peering into another person, into language, into a material. Seeing what’s before me, holding it, considering its potential force and its textures. I take it in and then I pour it back out as something I’m also woven into.”—Danika Stegeman