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The Subvocal Zoo: Sierra Nelson – The Brink

Poetry Northwest‚Äės monthly podcast series,¬†The Subvocal Zoo, features editors and friends of the magazine interviewing poets. Each episode features lively conversation between writers in a different¬†location.

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Episode 10¬†features¬†Sierra Nelson¬†with Johnny Horton rowing around the edge of¬†Seattle’s Union Bay.¬†Topics of discussion include¬†finding the right director for your dream-poems, silence, frog song, collaboration, John Donne’s “Relic,” humor & wit, poetry as technology,¬†and encountering¬†the brink.

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Sierra Nelson’s recent books include a lyrical choose-your-won adventure collaboration with visual artist Loren Erdrich, titled I Take Back the Sponge Cake (Rose Metal Press, 2012), and the chapbook In Case of Loss (Toadlily Press, 2012). She is a MacDowell Colony Fellow and recipient of a 2014 CityArtist Grant and the Carolyn Kizer Prize. She lives and teaches in Seattle.

Poems by¬†Johnny¬†Horton appear in Poetry Northwest, Golden Handcuffs Review, Cutbank, Notre Dame Review, Willow Springs, The Los Angeles Review, and Borderlands: Texas Poetry Review.¬†Johnny‘s been the recipient of a Washington Artist Trust GAP grant, and he directs the University of Washington‚Äôs summer creative writing program in Rome. He teaches English at Seattle Central College, and poetry at Richard Hugo House.


The Subvocal Zoo¬†will be taking a break to record¬†the final two new episodes of the season.¬†Look for those new episodes in the Fall. In the meantime, we’ll have a few special items to share, so stay tuned!

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