Seattle Youth Poet Laureate Series

We are excited to partner with Seattle Arts & Lectures to support the publication of the Seattle Youth Poet Laureates’ first collections.

The Seattle Youth Poet Laureate program aims to identify young writers and leaders who are committed to civic and community engagement, poetry and performance, and leadership and education across Seattle.

The Youth Poet Laureate is a program of Urban Word, an award-winning literary arts and youth development organization, presented nationwide in partnership with local youth arts associations and leading national arts groups, including the Academy of American Poets, Poetry Society of America, PEN Center USA, and Cave Canem.

YPL 2020–21

Bitaniya Giday
June 2021
60 pp.

The sixth collection in the Seattle Youth Poet Laureate Series, Motherland is a breathtaking exploration of womanhood and blackness framed by family, immigration, and history. Giday blends lyric and experimentation to bring her experiences as a first-generation Ethiopian American to life and asks insightful, difficult questions about how we all experience the world. Her combination of traditional storytelling and contemporary influence infuses her poems with a conscious power wielded to invoke the reader’s reflection, consideration, and awareness.


Bitaniya Giday is a first-generation Ethiopian American residing in Seattle. Her writing explores the nuances of womanhood and blackness, as she reflects upon her family’s path of immigration across the world. She hopes to restore and safeguard the past, present, and future histories of her people through traditional storytelling and poetry.


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YPL 2019–20

In the Footsteps of a Thousand Griefs
Wei-Wei Lee
May 2020
68 pp.

The fifth collection in the Seattle Youth Poet Laureate Series, In the Footsteps of a Thousand Griefs is a thrilling exploration of culture, personhood, empowerment, and grief for the things we must leave behind. Lee’s poems are intimately shaped both by her childhood in Taiwan and her current life in—and love for—Seattle. She shuttles us between continents and years, navigating through those primal relationships that shape the places we call home. Both brave and vulnerable, attentive to sorrow and beauty alike, these poems draw strength from the past even as they question the present, reminding us there is reflective power and honor even in the smallest steps we take toward our future becoming.

Praise for In the Footsteps of a Thousand Griefs

Wei-Wei Lee’s first collection of poems combines the raw elements of emotion, sensation, personal history, and family history and heats them into a molten stream of surprising language. The poems hold you close and tell you secrets. They are brave enough to be vulnerable, to open themselves up and show you who they really are.

—Karen Finneyfrock, author of Ceremony for the Choking Ghost


Wei-Wei Lee grew up in Taiwan but was born in the States, and Seattle is the first city in the States she has ever known and loved. As the 2019/2020 Youth Poet Laureate, she hopes to pay tribute to both Taiwan and America in her writing, and she hopes to do them proud.


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YPL 2018–19

Azura Tyabji
May 2019
86 pp.

With a shrewd eye and a precise pen, Stepwell asks readers to look closely at their everyday. Genre-blending and genre-bending poems come together to form a collection built around attention, advice, and admonishment. This first book is a bold statement around what it means to live, write, and ask questions of self and city in today’s America.

Praise for Stepwell

A modern-day apostle of unrepentant certitude—to say the least, Tyabji’s stanzas leave little room for the abstract as her style of writing is visceral and calculated. May all the established poets hold (this) new work, by (this) new author closely.

—Anastacia-Renée, Seattle Civic Poet, author of (v.), Forget It, and Answer (Me)


Azura Tyabji serves as the 2018/19 Youth Poet Laureate of Seattle. As a writer, spoken word performer, facilitator, and educator, her poetry is motivated by a love for community, justice, and healing. She writes fearlessly and with documentary precision about the complex realities of contemporary urban life.


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