Book Reviews

WSBA Poetry Finalists: 7 Word Reviews

by Kevin Craft


Ed Skoog, Rough Day:

Every rough day has its dogged song.

Familial ruminations cut to the quicksand tongue.

Sample line: “deranged and precise as the Grand Canyon”

Sherman Alexie, What I’ve Stolen, What I’ve Earned:
No way seven words names this groundswell.Highly recommended, with or without strong reservations.

Sample line: “He’s sixty-two percent of me. Like water.”

Rebecca H
oogs, Self-Storage:

Note to self: this book holds wonders.

Storage unit compact: poignantly wry, explosively tender.

Sample line: “I would tell any you almost anything”

Derek Sheff
ield, Through the Second Skin:

Gives skin deep a whole new meaning.

Poems that move through thick and thin.

Sample line: “They build where they will and live”

Nance Van Winckel, Pacific Walkers:

Oceanic archive giddily stalking the unrealized real.

Sample line: “A Man Mistakes Me For a Mannequin”

Sample line: “Stopped in the Midst of Going On”

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