Alyson Provax Two Visual Poems

It was eclipse season, as the astronomers say. The word comes from ekleípō, “I abandon, got missing, vanish.” An eclipse is a disappearance, and disappearances are not simple math: without the sun the whole world is changed. I wanted to document this: my anticipation, the indescribable power of the moment, my feeling afterward that everything is different although visibly returned to normal, and then that moment when my memory fades and it is truly gone.

untitled (2)



tell the future

Alyson Provax is a printmaker and animator. She was born in California in 1984 and lives and works in Portland, Oregon. She has shown regionally at Upfor Gallery, Wolff Gallery, Bridge Productions and the Whatcom Museum, nationally at A.I.R. Gallery and The Untitled Space in New York, and internationally at the Blueproject Foundation in Barcelona. Recently her work appeared in articles about artists’ responses to the 2016 election in New York Magazine, Newsweek, and ArtSlant.

Image: Armlet of Amenhotep, ca. 1479–1458 B.C., Egyptian, The Metropolitan Museum of Art.