Defending the Territory

Editor Kevin Craft discusses Poetry Northwest, past, present, and future, with Catherine Richardson in the November – December 2011 issue of Poets & Writers. Here’s an excerpt:

Despite a brief hiatus, Poetry Northwest has been around for a long time. What’s the key to its longevity?
Partly it’s the distinct personality of this part of the world and the poets here who have been involved in the magazine. It’s a voice for the community, a forum for dialogue between this region and other parts of the world. We’re all so socially networked now that Seattle and Minneapolis and New York City seem part of the same circuit, but when you’re out here you do feel a long way from the East Coast. Being a flagship magazine calling attention to what’s going on out here has always been an important part of the magazine’s success.

Read the entire interview online, here.

Photo Credit: Frank Huster