Our human shores

So easily we corrupt
rainrainwith uncontained contagions.

rainrainrainrainIn moments the blight
rainrainbeckons in moments
the carrierrainrainignites

rainraina plague

rainrainrainrainbeyond the systems
rainrainwe die slowly.
rainrainrainrainMore readily

we rearrange pebbles in the sand.

We bask in sun this promise

rainrainlike a catastrophic trophy
rainrainrainrainof living.

Our human shores
rainrainwhere we lap at the intake
rainrainrainrainthe emission
rainrainthe operators’ disconnect

the want to need
rainrainto want
for remedy, a throbbing naked still.

rainrainrainrainA parlay of energy
rainrainall at once bright
rainraina shudder of bodies

flooding into loving
rainrainbodies, this tragic art
rainrainwe tie down like waves.

Originally from Iowa City, Josh Fomon is a political operative in Seattle. His book, Though We Bled Meticulously, was published by Black Ocean.