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Molasses and the Three Witches

Michael S. Harper’s poem “Molasses and the Three Witches” first appeared in the Autumn 1968 issue of Poetry Northwest.

Inside out, the police announce
there’s a riot—on CBS—
it’s a barnfire.
Firemen and police
Ball-eye into the squares:
this is the first barnfire
in history.
Roll ‘em:
Lady says she saw
the first keg of molasses
in a gunny sack
on a huge black’s back;
a black rose bush
on his big-eared helper;
flour and grits
in a pelt as soft as snow—
all gone up in the smoke
of the last spiritual
of Bre’rs Bear,
Rabbit, Fox—
the black trinity :
I will not go Quietly—
I will not go Quietly—
I will not go Quietly—

Michael S. Harper (1938-2016) published more than ten books of poetry, including Songlines in Michaeltree: New and Collected Poems (University of Illinois Press, 2000).