there was rice
in the saltshakers
I married

the ketchups
rubbed spots
off silver wear

mostly wore
my hair down
back then

or didn’t but
remember it down
kept my money

in a sock
only had a fan
still prayed

mostly I saw
windows flying by
a little snow

if you dropped
pennies in me
you’d hear them

hit the bottom

Nicole Callihan’s most recent book is This Strange Garmentpublished by Terrapin Books in March 2023. Her other books include SuperLoop and the poetry chapbooks: The Deeply Flawed HumanDowntown, and ELSEWHERE (with Zoë Ryder White), as well as a novella, The Couples. Her work has appeared in Kenyon Review, Colorado Review, Conduit, The American Poetry Review, and as a Poem-a-Day selection from the Academy of American Poets. Find out more at www.nicolecallihan.com