Ovating and denticulating and other sundrye sorts:
ovatingovary at The Top of the flowering Foot-stalk. In the Bottom of the Calyx.
At the Heart of the Fossa: lateral wall of the pelvis: follicular, and
ovatinggranulose, the cortex with stroma. Still whitish but no longer
almond-sized, now shrunken to 1 centimeter, approximately half absorbed.
ovatingWhat is secreted. Do you see that life will become a thing made of holes.
Maimonides stated the act of creation comes from nothing, and thus
ovatingthe void moved from sacrilege to holiness. I say Nature
will not name itself
and light has no grammar. Remember Brunelleschi
ovatingdemonstrated the power of an infinite zero: a vanishing point—

Page Hill Starzinger’s second poetry collection, Vortex Street, is coming from Barrow Street Press on May 1. Her first book, Vestigial, selected by Lynn Emanuel to win the Barrow Street Book Prize, was published in Fall 2013. Her chapbook, Unshelter, chosen by Mary Jo Bang as winner of the Noemi contest, was published in 2009. Her poems have appeared in American Poetry Review, Kenyon Review, Fence, West Branch, Pleiades, Volt, and others. Starzinger was Copy Director at Aveda for almost twenty years, and co-authored A Bouquet from the Met (Abrams, 1998). She lives in New York City.