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The Subvocal Zoo: Cody Walker – The Plenitude of the Moment

This episode features Cody Walker and Executive Editor Kevin Craft in conversation, recorded in Los Angeles during the 2016 AWP Conference.

Cody Walker: “Trades I Would Make”

My preferred forms include the clerihew (four lines) and the “Mad Gardener’s Song” stanza (six lines)—so I’m not sure how I wrote this 93-line poem. I know where I wrote it: in an Ann Arbor café called Mighty Good. And I know when I wrote it: in the summer of 2011, over a series of Sunday afternoons. But as to how and why: who knows. Maybe because I deeply love rhyme and, more and more, feel that it works in the same way that metaphor works: requiring, as Aristotle wrote, “an intuitive perception of the similarity in dissimilars.” Or because I want the world, or at least the poetry world, to be louder. Or because I really would trade Ronald Reagan for Donald Fagen. When I finished the poem, I happily shared it with a few friends—but I didn’t imagine that it would find a home in a print journal (due to its length and weirdness). So I want to thank Kevin Craft and everyone at Poetry Northwest for making space—twice, now!—for this curiosity. And …