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Winter & Spring 2018

Featuring John Ashbery, Catherine Bresner, Meredith Clark, Olivia de Recat, William Fargason, Dobby Gibson, Richard Kenney, Owen McLeod, Allison Morton, Alyson Provax, Elizabeth Scanlon, Sarah Sloat, Bianca Stone, & more

Interview // The Dream of Suspension: A Conversation with Cedar Sigo

by Jennifer Elise Foerster | Guest Editor Jennifer: I remember when we read together at Poets House in New York. In your craft talk, which you titled, “Becoming Visible,” you spoke of poetry as a “broad element at play” in your culture, and compared it to basket making. Here is that beautiful passage, which was recorded at Poets House on March 23, 2013: We are still known for our basket making. They are woven mostly from cedar bark, and within their bold, precise patterning, we often pay homage to the plants and animals of the Puget Sound. The bark goes through several stages of soaking and drying in order to become pliable. It’s hard to think of a process that could ever rejoin you closer to the earth. When people ask me that horrifying and somewhat common question—what is your poetry about?—I now think of the baskets, how they are about the material, and how the purity of the process imbues them with spirit. The poetry is also about its material—words—and the gaps that occur …

Summer & Fall 2017

Poems by Samuel Amadon, Anders Carlson-Wee, Leila Chatti, Meghan Maguire Dahn, Kevin Goodan, Sarah María Medina, JM Miller, Josh Myers, Daneen Wardrop, Michael Wasson, and more. Visual art by Kija Lucas, Ryan Molenkamp & Ed Skoog.