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At the Edge of the Known World When Sarah and Bill gin-whispered their invitation, my starved groin growled. Back in the surf we kissed down to skin, plunge- riding the beach pink. Ribbed mussels swung in the splash tide, caves glistened, legs curled and straightened under night’s warm blanket. Look, there’s a seal, I said next morning, twisting to the rolled horizon. Oh, it’s a surfer—confusing them like hungry sharks at the edge of their known world. An honest and thorough writing can challenge those boundaries and walls that separate our public and private lives, it can reveal things that we might only tell a best friend, a lover, or no one at all. Boccacio The bocacio, a large-mouthed rockfish found along our Pacific coast, was not named after Giovanni Boccacio, a fourteenth-century Italian writer famous for the Decameron. Drop the c and dive deep from Florence kelp to an undulant octave of choral anchovy hovering above the grotto.  Flushed, bigmouthed and bassy, you fin vino and piped liturgies between Santa Barbara’s oily legs, where …

Floyd Skloot: “Signac at Castellane, 1902”

Oregon’s Floyd Skloot is the subject of this month’s feature exclusive to Poetry Northwest Online as a part of our recurring series on Northwest poets. The series began with the June 2006 feature on Kevin Craft. Skloot, a native of New York, has been living in Oregon for the past twenty-two years. His poetry has appeared in magazines such as The Atlantic Monthly, Harper’s, and Poetry. We’re delighted to feature two of his poems: “Signac at Castellane, 1902” and “Recurrence.”