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The Subvocal Zoo: Special Episode – Season 2 Preview & Timothy Donnelly’s “Apologies from the Ground Up”

Poetry Northwest‘s podcast series, The Subvocal Zoo, features editors and friends of the magazine interviewing poets. Each episode features lively conversation between writers in a different location. We’re gearing up to record interviews this Spring that we’ll release for Season 2 of the podcast.

After bringing you six episodes in 2014, we’re back to preview the upcoming season of poets in conversation. This Spring, we’ll be traveling to Minneapolis for this year’s AWP conference with microphones in tow. There, we’ll record the first three interviews for the second season. We’ll be talking with Minneapolis poet Michael Bazzett–author of You Must Remember This; fellow Milkweed editions poet Sally Keith, author most recently of River House, forthcoming this Spring, as well as Danez Smith, whose first book, [insert] boy is out now from Yes Yes Books. We have more in the works, including some writers from the Pacific Northwest. Subscribe in iTunes or your favorite podcast app, or follow us on Facebook to stay in the loop.


In this episode:

  • We discuss how you can help support the podcast. The Subvocal Zoo is and always will be free–but if you’ve enjoyed listening, consider showing your support with a donation to help us keep production quality high, and to pay our artists. You can support us by visiting Patreon, where we offer thanks to those who donate in the form of signed books from our current season authors, as well as Poetry Northwest swag.
  • We answer that burning question: what the heck is a subvocal zoo, anyway?
  • We also have some new material for you in this episode–more of the terrific conversation between Justin Boening and Timothy Donnelly that we just couldn’t fit into their conversation last year. You can find the rest of that session in episode 6 of the podcast.


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Timothy Donnelly’s “Apologies From the Ground Up,” read by the author in this episode, was first published in A Public Space and online at Poetry London.

photo credit: Moon and fountain (B&W) (detail) via photopin (license)