Visual Poetry

That process of wandering into the shadows of ourselves and rummaging around those dusty corners of our minds and memories is an essential part of growing up and forward. But there’s always that impulse to go back and rearrange the decay into something more beautiful than it was.

—Laci Mosier, Artist

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A message has arrived! We lean into the picture and the words, or into the spaces between. How these texts and images intersect we, coming upon the cards from a later time and place, can’t entirely comprehend. But so often the postcards offer a certain pulse, a haunting beat still lingering between people we just missed knowing. A wisdom has been proffered. Perhaps a little love or longing. We sense it but can’t quite name it.

—Nance Van Winckel, Contributing Editor

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“The three pieces are parts of a collection that I can only call ‘anti-poems’. They are ‘anti’ the way antique pieces are, which is to say, if these poems undermine meaning-making, it is because they have lost their significances in the cultural milieu, which is to say, anti-poems are not about things, they are things themselves. They are, in the Kantian sense, noumena.”

—from Shriram Sivaramakrishnan’s author’s note

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“In this new work by acclaimed word-image artist, Karen Green, the eyes transmit a beguiling fusion of fear, steeliness, and empathy, asserting a self acutely alive behind its mask. In this series, the selfie happens as flash self-portraiture. Might a masked face actually unmask another version of self?”

—Nance Van Winckel, Features Editor

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“What happens when you are nine years old and you are separated from your parents? You become a writer.

You scribble on the margins of notebooks, and often all you write is, ‘I miss you,’ but in Spanish, the language in which you were first loved.”

—from Octavio Quintanilla’s author’s note

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