Bartender’s Bargain

Listen I’m young and I know something 
Rainrainabout plum noodles, and de-escalation. 
RainrainOh, and the translation of lunar measures 
Rainrainof time. When bitten, ignore the instinct 

to pull, instead pushing the bitten body 
Rainrainpart further into the biting mouth. This 
Rainrainwill lead to release, and maybe you look
Rainrainaway, maybe it all starts again. How 

many of us can say we have saved anything,
Rainrainlet alone money. We’ll discuss the impulse
Rainrainto claim the dead, but please acknowledge 
Rainrainfirst the randomness of borders, and, sure,

of attachment. Wash then either pickle,
Rainraingrill, or boil fruits (organize your decision
Rainrainas usual—around avoiding nausea). We work 
Rainrainhere but we don’t decide the prices, and 

still we take responsibility, we do, for this, and
for wind, and, yes, certainly, for our patterns.  

Cindy Juyoung Ok is a writer, translator, and educator with recent poems in jubilatPoetry, and Denver Quarterly.