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The Subvocal Zoo: Cody Walker – The Plenitude of the Moment

This episode features Cody Walker and Executive Editor Kevin Craft in conversation, recorded in Los Angeles during the 2016 AWP Conference.

Michael Heffernan: “They Always Say He Marks the Sparrow’s Fall”

For June & July  we’re featuring Michael Heffernan’s “They Always Say He Marks the Sparrow’s Fall,” published in Poetry Northwest Spring-Summer 2008 v3.n1, The Political Issue. According to Heffernan, “I was listening to the “Bawlers” part of Orphans by Tom Waits, and I kept going over “The World Keeps Turning” just to hear the way Tom intones the line “They always say he marks the sparrow’s fall.”  None of this was methodical.  None of this had much to do with writing a poem.  It was what I was going about doing on a bright day in January.  When I found myself with a pencil and a notepad, I had the opening line in my head and then a second line, making a sentence.  That is the way a poem begins with me.  I never know where it is going to go from there.  One complete gesture shows up in my head, and becomes a situation that can reveal itself, or something else.  Preferably something else.”